The Queen Emma Curriculum

Our Aim: Learning for Life

As a state primary school we teach the National Curriculum, which outlines every child's legal entitlement to a broad and balanced education. Building on this foundation of core knowledge, we are commited to shaping a unique Queen Emma Curriculum, which provides first-class educational opportunities for all our children.

Our central aim is Learning for Life, developing a curriculum that inspires a livelong love of learning and equips our pupils with key skills and qualities they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Approach: A Skills-Based Curriculum

The curriculum at Queen Emma is organised around 5 key skills


Problem Solving










These skills are developed through every subject we teach and every topic the children learn. As children move up through the school, these skills are build on cumulatively. Teachers plan for these key skills using phase skills grids which can be downloaded below:

Our Curriculum: Year Group Plans

We teach our curriculum through topics to provide a rich context for the children's learning and help them to make links within it. The following topics are taught in each year group:

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Y1 Traction Man Space Under the Sea Castles Explorers Mmm! Food!
Y2 The Body Machine Fairy Tales Fire and Ice The High Street Nature Detectives Around the World
Y3 Stone Age to Iron Age India & Its Neighbours (BIPS) The Ancient Greeks France Pirates Amazing Plants
Y4 The Romans Explorers Travel to the Islamic Golden Age Electricity Changes Journey through the Body
Y5 Ancient Britain Space Academy Climbing Mountains Mini Enterprise Arriving in Africa Ancient Egypt
Y6 World War 2 Fairgrounds Cambridge University Fairtrade Buddhism Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Please see below for details of how our curriculum is structured year by year, subject by subject:
More detailed information about the curriculum taught at Queen Emma can be obtained via the School Office.

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