At Queen Emma we recognise the importance of Computing and understand the influence technology has in their current lives and will continue to have in the future. We aim to teach the children to be safe, confident and creative in their approach to computing.  The National Curriculum states ‘a high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems.’

Yearly Overview

The table below outlines the areas of the curriculum and when they will be taught. 

  Autumn  Spring Summer 
Foundation Stage By the end of the Foundation Stage, the curriculum states children should ‘recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes.’ We give children opportunities to explore technology in fun and purposeful ways.
Year 1  Logging on/off, keyboard skills Following instructions to use a simple program Introduction to ‘Scratch’ – creating a moving sprite Introduction to animation Opening and saving an existing project i.e. Scratch.
Using the internet for different purposes
Internet safety
Year 2 Combining pictures and text.
Introduction to Photostory
Scratch – modelling Great Fire of London and the adventures of Shackleton
Photostory – George’s Marvellous Medicine
Introduction to ‘Makewavs’
Skype – Queen Edith
Minibeast research
Captain Hook research
Year 3 Internet safety
Internet research
Photostory presentation on endangered animals
Scratch – quiz
Internet safety
Multimedia presentation
Scratch – virtual garden
Year 4 Scratch: quizzes and repeats
Coding course
Internet safety &
Coding course
Multimedia - art package, sound recording & manipulation
Scratch - digestion simulation
Year 5

Programming and Scratch
Drawing shapes, debugging programs and creating quizzes.

Networks and the Internet
Understanding how the internet moves around a network, passing data from one space to another.

Internet Research and Data
Developing key skills when researching a subject.  Discussing using notes to create an informative piece of written work.

Data Programming
Design, write and debug programs.

Programs and Games
Design, write and debug programs and games.

Online Safety
Looking at the importance of being safe on the internet. 

*Please note that while this is a focus for this half term, within every half term, this area is discussed to develop the children’s understanding.

Information for Parents
E-safety is is taken very seriously by all staff and children at Queen Emma. Please see our E-Safety Policy on our Policies page.

Later Years E-Safety Parent Guide
Following our successful E-Safety session with ‘the 2 Johns’ and Safer Internet Day (14.2.17), we have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet. Please do read through this with your children. Please Click here to see the guide.

Our Work

Photos of Learning

Purple Mash
From September, both schools at the Federation will be learning to use a new Learning Platform called Purple Mash. On the Home page of each school’s webpage, you will notice a link to the Purple Mash site. Children will be provided with login details. Teachers and children alike have been investigating the different activities available on the site this week. Year 1 loved creating their own version of the Gingerbread Man, whereas Year 5 had a go at coding and writing emails, as if they were Howard Carter! We look forward to exploring more Purple Mash in the new school year.

This half term Year 5 have been learning a little more technical vocabulary in their computing lessons.

They have been using their ‘computational thinking’ when solving problems. Having discussed the term ‘debugging’, they have corrected errors when writing their own algorithms for drawing shapes. Finally, using all their knowledge, they have been learning how to use Scratch to create a quiz for their Year 2 Reading buddies to play! Great fun!


Computing Work Galleries

Year 2 Work Gallery
Year 3 Work Gallery
Year 4 Work Gallery

Computing Visitor

In July, Mr Byford came to speak to the Year 4s about how he uses electronics and computing in his work. He taught us a little bit about binary, explained how computer chips are made and showed us a special GPS sensor that he had built.

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