Studying Science provides children with the foundations for understanding the world around us. Science encourages us to ask questions, find answers and make close observations about how and why things work as they do. While we develop these rational explanations we also aim to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. Children enjoy finding out how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.

Yearly Overview

Science at Queen Emma is very “hands on” and children are encouraged to “Work Scientifically” during each and every topic. As such they develop a variety of important skills including the ability to plan, observe and evaluate. They become accustomed to using a variety of tools and equipment and over time become adept at presenting and explaining their findings. Investigating is at the heart of Science and Queen Emma children know we value their thinking. 

  Autumn   Spring Summer 
Year 1  Everyday Materials & Seasonal Changes Plants and Seasonal Changes Animals and Seasonal Changes
Year 2 Health & Growth and Material Properties Changing Material Properties, Electricity & Local Plants Local Animals (minibeasts) and Forces
Year 3 Rocks & Soils and Amazing Animals Light & Dark Forces & Magnets and Plants / Living Things
Year 4 Living Things & Habitats and Sound Investigations and Electricity States of Matter and Humans & Animals: Food & Digestion
Year 5

Forces: Gravity, Water, Air Resistance and Friction

Earth & Space: Sun, Moon, Night & Day

Living Things: Lifecycles & Reproduction

Animals and Humans: Changes, Puberty and Growing Up, Lifecycle of a Plant

Materials: Reversible and Irreversible Changes, Separating Solids and Liquids

Fair Testing

Our Work

Our Scientific thinking starts in Nursery where recently children have been developing their green fingers as they have been growing fruit and vegetable plants galore. They are looking after their plants very responsibly and monitoring them daily to make sure they have enough water. They have also been keen investigators and have compared how grass has grown grass in different environments. Well done young scientists! 

Year 1
Year 1 were learning about how animals survive and how camouflage helps some animals to survive. We had a go at making our hands camouflage against an animal print.

Year 1 went to Shepreth Wildlife Park to end our topic on 'Explorers' and learnt about how animals survive in the rainforest.

Year 2
In Science we have been exploring plants and we investigated the different plants around the school grounds.

We carried out experiments on cress to find out what happens when we change different factors; we made predictions and then evaluated our results.

Year 3
In Science we have planned and then carried out an investigation to find out which surface a ball would roll the furthest over. We worked well in small groups to make sure the test was fair, that we measured and recorded our results accurately and then discussed what we had found out.

Year 4
The children worked in groups to create the strongest bridge using their knowledge of the strongest shapes and structures. During the Islamic Golden Age Muslims discovered that triangles were the strongest shape, a fact that is still true today. Only a couple of bridges survived holding a heavy dictionary.

Bridge made out of art straws

The class were given the problem of how to protect an egg dropped from a great height (the atrium in the school!) Children worked in groups to come up with a parachute made out of a variety of materials and investigated how to protect the egg best. Luckily, after the eggs were dropped and inspected, none of them appeared to have cracked.

Getting ready for our egg drop investigation
Year 5
These photos show Year 5 enjoying their Space Academy topic. We have been developing our ‘working scientifically’ skills through rocket investigations. We identified a range of independent variables and then chose which variable we would like to explore further.

Our Learning

From Foundations Stage through to Key Stage 2:

KS2 Later Years:

Science Day
On Tuesday 14 March Queen Emma held its first Science Event. The event turned out to be an extravaganza as members of the science community showed up in force. The support for the event was overwhelming and we are very grateful to all the volunteers who supported us. The children spent the whole day experiencing a variety of science activities from DNA extraction to controlling a flame throwing robot! The excitement has yet to die down and the day has inspired a whole new generation of scientists!



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