Modern Languages

Children love learning languages! They pick up new words and phrases much quicker than adults and enjoy playing with new sounds. Learning a foreign language also helps them to understand the grammar and vocabulary of English more deeply. The National Curriculum stresses the importance of language learning for life in our increasingly globalised world, helping to “provide an opening to other cultures … foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.”

To help achieve these aims, every child at Queen Emma from Year 3 upwards has regular French lessons, taught either by their class teacher or a PPA teacher. Through a mixture of games, stories, songs and mini-conversations, we aim for the children to find language learning fun and accessible, while also progressively building up the bank of words and sentences that they can say, understand, read and write.

Yearly Overview

The table below outlines the key topic areas taught in French lessons each term:

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3 Greetings
Numbers 1-10
Body Parts
Places in Town
Classroom Objects
Year 4 Colours & Animals
Calendar & Birthdays
Family Members Rooms & Furniture

Year 4 Conversations
Year 4 practised asking each other questions and answering them. Here are a few examples:

French Conversation 1
French Conversation 2
French Conversation 3

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