Physical Education

Welcome back to PE – September  2016

This year we have introduced even more clubs for the children to participate in.  Take a look a look at the timetable for more details.  Thank you to all those who have already returned reply slips and signed up to extra-curricular clubs due to start the week beginning 19th September. 

Year Group

Lunchtime Clubs

After School Clubs


Circus Skills (Th)

Multiskills (M)


Drama (Mon) Football (Tues), Dance (Fri)

Multiskills (M) Football (Fri)


Drama (Mon)

Dance (Thurs)


Circus Skills (Th)

Badminton (Th)


Circus (Thurs) Dance (Fri) Drama (Mon)

Tag rugby (Thurs)

Dance (Fri) Drama (Mon)

Netball (Tues) Football (Fri)

During some PE lessons this year we have secured additional coaching sessions taught by specialist coaches.  The children have previously thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, as well as, accessed quality learning about a range of different sports.

Competitions and festivals
As the school continues to grow we are entering more competitions.  If your child is asked to represent the school for festivals or competitions please reply as soon as possible to ensure that we have full teams on the day.

A few reminders for the year ahead…

PE Kits
Every child requires a PE kit to be left at school until the end of each half term.  Please ensure that your child’s kit is clearly labelled with their name.

All jewellery should be removed before school on PE days.  Staff are not able to remove or help to remove earings.  If your child does not remove them before school please ensure that they can do this themselves. 


At Queen Emma Primary School we are proud of the wide range of activities and experiences we provide for the children throughout the year groups.

Our PE lessons give the children opportunities to learn new skills and develop upon their existing skills further.  We provide high quality teaching and learning, encouraging each and every child to reach their full potential.

Competitions and festivals have been introduced from key stage one up to key stage two.  The children have demonstrated the necessary co-operation, consideration and team skills required to be a fair sports person.

We have developed a strong partnership with our local community and schools, which has received some fantastic feedback from staff, pupils and parents. 

Information For Parents.
PE lessons are included in the curriculum and the children actively participate in 2 hours per week of PE lessons.
A full PE kit must be worn for all PE activities.
All jewellery must be removed or covered on PE days.
Our PE School Policy provides all up to date information for parents to access.

Youth Games
A group of year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to take part in the youth games at The Abbey Complex.  Throughout the day the children challenged themselves participating in a range of different sporting activities, such as, boccia, football, cheer leading, ultimate Frisbee and tag rugby.  Many of these, the children had not experienced previously.  We won a gold medal in netball and came 4th in tag rugby.  There was a great display of sportsmanship and encouragement towards each other. 

KS1 Sports Morning

The Key Stage One sports morning was a huge success for all the children who took part.  It was lovely to see everyone supporting each other and offering encouragement to finish each activity. 

Throughout the morning the children took part in 8 different activities, including: relay races, penalty shoot out, the traditional egg and spoon race, parachute games to name a few.  We were fortunate with the weather which helped the morning to run smoothly too.

The Year 4 children helped to run each event and were super stars when it came to helping the younger children if they needed.  I am sure everyone slept well that night!  Here are a few photos from the morning to share.

Middle Years Sports Day

On Tuesday 21st June 2016, we held our first Queen Emma Middle Years Sports Day! Every child took part in sprint races, then tested their skills in the bat and ball or beanbag shuttle race, earning points for their house team. Congratulations to the green house for winning the competition!

Cross Country

22 children from years 3 to 5 represented our school at the Netherhall School to take part in a Cross Country competition.  The event required a huge amount of determination and perseverance to complete.  Everyone who took part was extremely proud of themselves and each other.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  Well done to you all!

Our Sport Leaders

The sports leaders here at Queen Emma Primary School take an active role in many areas of school life.  They are a new addition to our growing school, which has taken off to a great start.  So far they have judged a gymnastics competition extremely professionally and provided an enormous amount of support and encouragement to everyone who took part.

After Christmas the sports leaders will be providing clubs for the younger children during lunch time, they will help to supervise key stage one children using our new play equipment and support PE in lots of ways throughout the curriculum.

Photos Of Learning

We have been lucky enough to be coached this term by a hockey specialist who is honing our hockey skills. We have been learning to hold the stick efficiently and dribble effectively. We look forward to further coaching!

Queen Emma hosted a small cross country event with Queen Edith pupils. This was open to all children from years 3 to 6. It was such a wonderful afternoon, and everyone was particularly impressed with how well the children challenged themselves to achieve their personal best. The encouragement towards each other and support to keep going was truly amazing. We are even more excited about the cross country competition at Netherhall school next week. We are looking forward to seeing the children represent our school and continue to do themselves proud.

Year 4 are having a specialist coach teach them tag rugby each week. The children are thoroughly enjoying the sessions and are becoming much more confident at dodging, throwing and receiving a rugby ball. It is been wonderful t see all the children challenge themselves and work well as part of a team. So far the children have played mini games between small groups, demonstrating great sportsmanship and encouragement to each other.

This term the year 4 are having the opportunity to learn to play badminton.  This is proving to be a lot of fun. We have used balloons and some really strange shaped rackets to learn the correct techniques before we start to play against each other. Look out for more photos as we become more confident with the sport.

Tag rugby is an extremely popular club here at Queen Emma. We are fortunate enough to have access to a specialist coach through the sport partnership, which is proving to really help develop the children’s skills and enjoyment of the sport. It has been wonderful to see the children pick up new techniques and strategies so quickly. There really is a team spirit out on the pitch. 

Five-a-day fitness is a great way for the children to start the day actively.  In year one the children get the opportunity to wake up their bodies and brains by moving around.  Everyone enjoys the songs and dancing and the children choose the routine for the day between them.  Great team work!  What a fabulous start to the morning or afternoon!

Polar Bear class enjoyed PE sessions with the gymnastics coach – we had to listen hard to instructions and try to make controlled movements.

Toucan class were lucky enough to have a special visitor with 22 years of Tai Chi experience! He taught us Tai Chi exercises and performed a fan sequence to traditional music. We were able to have a go using the fans which was pretty tricky for some of us including the teachers!

Year 3 have been putting their throwing and catching skills to good use, by learning to play tag rugby.  The children learnt to put lots of elements of PE together to start to demonstrate their growing skills.

Year 3 have begun to learn some fabulous routines in Gymnastics. They have demonstrated their ability to work extremely well together to: support each other, make progress with coordination and balance, as well as, produce some professional ideas of their own on the mats.

Year 4 have been dancing to ‘The Lindy Hop’ and what an achievement it has been.  The children have worked so well together and have made some fabulous progress with their dance.  There have even been some opportunities to learn some lifts with a partner.  

Queen Emma hosted a Gymnastics competition for all year 4 children from both Queen Emma and Queen Edith Primary schools. The competition was judged by our fantastic sports crew who: helped the children if they needed it, provided them with encouragement, as well as, judged everyone extremely professionally. 

The competition was carried in house colours and the children enjoyed sharing their learning with each other.  We are planning more exciting opportunities like these throughout the year.

Year 4 are fortunate this term to access specialist coaching sessions for tag-rugby.  The first lesson saw the children learn to: pass, receive and begin to tackle in small groups.  It was lovely to see so many children engaged in a sport that they would not usually sign up for with so much enthusiasm.  We are looking forward to taking part in the upcoming tag rugby competition.

A group of year 5 children were lucky enough to attend the Davis Cup at the beginning of term.  They had professional coaching and were able to have an insight into the competitive side of tennis.  It was a great experience, where the children learnt even more skills that they can share with us all.

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