2015-16 Sport Premium Review

In 2015-16, Queen Emma's Sport Premium allocation was £8,520.

We have spent this on:

  • leadership time to support development of PE teaching and extra-curricular clubs
  • subscription to the Cambridge School Sports Partnership
  • sports equipment for use in PE lessons
  • subsidising new extra-curricular sports clubs to ensure places are provided free to children

Through the use of the Sport Premium, we are aiming for:

  • all pupils to take part in well-planned and well-resourced PE lessons each week
  • all pupils in Years 1-4 to take part in competitive sports competitions both in school, across the federation and with other schools during the course of the year
  • all pupils in Year 1-4 to be able to take part in a subsidised extra-curricular sports club
  • a broad range of extra-curricular sports activities to be on offer during the year that cater for the interests of different children

2015-16 Impact

1.  Increase in children's involvement in after-school sports clubs:

  • In KS1, c. 75% of children participated in at least 1 sports club and 20% in 2 or more.
  • In KS2, c. 85% of children participated in at least 1 sports club and 40% in 2 or more.
  • 80% of Pupil Premium pupils participated in at least 1 sports club in KS1 and 90% in KS2.

Clubs on offer this year have included: Multi-skills, football, tennis, athletics, tag rugby, hockey, dance and gymnastics.

2. Increase in children's participation in inter-school competition:

  • All Y1 children participated in the Netherhall Partnership Tennis festival
  • All Y3 children participated in the Netherhall Mini Olympics festival
  • 30 KS2 children represented the school in sports teams at the Cambridge Primary Youth Games

Priorities for 2016-17

  1. Continue to widen range of subsidised extra-curricular sports clubs offered to different year groups across the year.
  2. Continue targeting children not currently participating in after-school sport to encourage their involvement.
  3. Launch sports leadership programme - Y5 children leading positive playground games

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