Spring Term 2018

March - Road Safety
Reception children spent a day learning all about Road Safety! They started the day by thinking about how to be safe out and about, such as by holding a grown-ups’ hand, children walking on the inside of the path away from the road and wearing bright clothes at night time so cars and bikes can see you. We played the ‘Traffic Light’ game, reminding ourselves that ‘green’ is for ‘go’ by moving around the playground, ‘amber’ is for ‘wait’ by doing star jumps, and ‘red’ is for ‘stop’ by freezing! Then, the children walked along ‘pavements’ drawn on the playground with chalk, stopping at zebra crossing to ‘look right, look left, look right again’ and stopping at traffic lights to wait for the green man before crossing the road. There were some silly adults not looking where they were going when driving, cycling without a helmet and driving with a phone in their hand who nearly had some accidents, and we talked about how to be safe both when walking on a path and when in a car. The children had a great time making ‘green man’ and ‘red man’ biscuits which they enjoyed icing and eating later in the day! The children explored the fact that ‘bodies are soft and cars are hard’ by touching a car and talking about how it felt, and discussing how important it is to stay on the path and look out for traffic when crossing the road. The children designed their own ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ posters which have been displayed at school to remind everyone how to be safe when out and about. We had a great day and the children are still talking about it!

February - The Dragon Who Came For Tea
This week, the children have been learning our new Talk for Writing story ‘The dragon who came to tea’, joining in with the actions and using fantastic expression to make the story come to life! They have even drawn their own pictures of the story and used these to retell it using story telling language and some describing words. Here are some pictures of what they drew and the stories they told.

January - Size
The children have been exploring the size of different objects. They found items from around the classroom and placed them in order of size from the smallest to the biggest.

January - Chinese New Year
The children have been using junk modelling to make dragons for Chinese New Year! They independently chose their materials and stuck them together. Fantastic dragons, Owl Class!

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