Summer Term 2017

July - Class song
Owl class have been practising really hard to do a fantastic performance of our class song. We hope you enjoy it!
Please click this link to watch the Owl Class Song.

June - Out of this World
In Owl and Hedgehog Class, we have been exploring a range of areas within our theme ‘Out of this world!’ The children have been designing their own superheroes, making superhero masks and creating superhero dances! They have also written their own superhero stories with fantastic narratives in which the superheroes save the day! This week, we have been learning about dinosaurs. The children have watched our two dinosaur eggs hatch, created their own skeletons and created tallies to show the children’s favourite dinosaurs. We have read books about fossils and the children have really enjoyed digging for fossils outside!


May - Making Bread
The children have been learning about the story ‘The Little Red Hen’, as part of this topic we made bread. The children used their phonics knowledge to read each instruction and they then used their maths skills to measure out the ingredients. The children were very excited to taste the bread!


April - Growing Beans
In Owl Class we have been growing bean plants to go with our theme ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children worked in pairs to plant them in cups to initially care for them and watch them grow inside the classroom. We took pictures to record how the bean plants grew over time and talked about the different parts that we could see, including the roots, shot, stem and eventually the leaves! We remembered to look after our plants by giving them sunlight, warmth and water to help them grow. 


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