Autumn Term 2017

November - Stencils
We had a wonderful experience of how art can be created using stencils and colour choices. Lyndall visited Kestrel class for the morning and taught us about contrasting colour, shapes and patterns to create our own interpretations of the work carried out by ‘Alison Turnball.'
November - Gymnastics
We invited Queen Edith year 4 students to join us in a gymnastics competition. We used a routine which we all practised, and then performed for our Sports Leaders. Everyone did extremely well, and the results proved how hard we have all worked! Well done!

November - Archaeologist
Following on from our Roman topic last half term, we had an extremely informative and interesting visit from an archaeologist who continues to investigate life in Roman times. We identified Roman roads in Cambridge, which were very distinctive with their famous straight, direct routes into towns and cities. According to the children some of the most interesting facts they learnt were: That the Romans used their own techniques to make glass. Some Roman roads still exist in Cambridge today and how the under floor heating was used by heating water and could become too hot.
November - Sound
We have been focusing on "sound" in science this half term. In our first investigation, we explored how sounds were created and what the sounds were like.
November - Rugby
For the whole of the autumn term the year four classes have been fortunate enough to have a tag-rugby coach come to the school and give us some pointers on the rules and techniques of the game. What fun!

October - Coding
What a great start for year 4 learning to code using 'purple mash.' The children have started to code a programme and characters to do simple movements and noises. Everyone had the opportunity to choose how and at what speed their characters moved. A super start to coding!

October - Roman Day
We finished our first term topic on Romans by having a Roman Day. We all enjoyed dressing up, making clay oil lamps, having a Roman Banquet and reviewing our Roman Numerals! What fun!

October - Roman Discussion
This week we have been thinking about the amazing things that the Romans brought to Britain. We had the challenge of ordering them from most important to least important. We discussed our views and opinions, as well as, created a mini debate about why we agreed and disagreed with each other. 

October - Recorder
In year 4, we have already reviewed some notes and keys on the recorder! Well done for recalling most of them!

October - Literacy
In literacy we researched Roman houses, and then wrote an advert convincing others to buy it! We have a lot of natural sales people in the year 4 classes!

September - Maths
We have been working hard in maths to show our calculations in more than one way to check our answers are correct. Well done!

September - Roman Army
The year fours have been busy this week exploring what it meant to be part of the Roman Army, and what it was like to be in Boudicca’s Army. We re-enacted some Roman Army formations, and then reflected on what it felt like in writing!

September - Subtraction
This week in year 4 we have been learning to use the column method to solve subtraction word problems. We have been working with 3 digit numbers, as well as, exchanging when we need to. To share our learning with each other, some of us have taken on the role of being the teacher and modelled our working out clearly.

September - Roman House
Year 4 have been taking on the role of researching a Roman house. We have made lots of amazing discoveries, including: the Roman of each room, such as, cubliculum (bedroom) and triclinium (dining room). The rooms were used for very different purposes back then, for example, a bedroom was used to sleep in and hold meetings, some contained the family library too. A great start to our first topic.

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