Summer Term 2017

June - Maths
During maths this week some children from Falcon class had the opportunity to join Kestrel class to share some fabulous co-ordinates learning. The children worked in pairs to create patterns or pictures that had to be identical, using mathematical vocabulary related to co-ordinates. Working together to listen to each other was a real strength from all children.


June - Data Collection
This week in maths year 4 we have been learning to collect, record and use data that we collect. We estimated then measured the height of each other, recorded our results in table and then transferred our findings into a bar chart.  Finally we used the data to answer questions about the heights of children in year 4.


May - Maths
We worked in pairs to roll the dice and multiply the number we land on by 6. We recorded the answers on a grid. Then once the grid was complete we continued to see who could cross off the last number on the grid. The competitive side of us encouraged us to recall our 6x table quickly and accurately. 


May - Science
This week in year 4 we have been investigating ways to separate solids and liquids. We choose the equipment we thought would separate them most affectively. We even included a range of our new scientific vocabulary to discuss how we could find out if there was any solids lift in the liquid.


May - Changes
Year 4 have been looking at changes, and in particular, changes within a particular environment. We staged a debate where we pretended to be different groups from a community, such as teenagers, older people and parents with young children, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a rural environment developing into an urban one. The children particularly enjoyed using their speaking and listening skills when debating, and especially role playing as different characters. 


April - Literacy
As we enter the summer term, in Kestrel Class we are really focusing making our writing even better. We are regularly using the dictionaries and thesaurus’ to choose alternative words to interest our audience. This has contributed to us using a wider range of vocabulary in our everyday communication too. 

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