Spring Term 2018

January - Tile Design 
Following on from a visit to the local mosque on Mill Road the children took lots of their learning about patterns, symmetry and calligraphy to create their own design for a tile. These will then be painted using a selection of colours. The trip gave the children real life experiences into the life a Muslim and how different or similar the beliefs of others might be to that of their own. Everyone is very excited about the new mosque being built. 
January - Newspapers 
We are learning about features of a newspaper and have written our own reports. It was discovered that year 4 children thoroughly enjoy reading newspapers and completing some of the puzzles included. Therefore, during guided reading and independent reading we had a selection of newspapers to read to and discuss. We were able to looks at some articles and identify the different parts within. Great work!
January - Subtraction 
This week we looked at adding and subtracting using column method. We checked our work using another familiar maths method and explained our calculations to our friends.
January - Art Workshop 
We had a guest artist in to lead a workshop in art. Our art was based on shapes and patterns, and completed on graph paper. We then displayed our pieces along one of the school corridors for visitors to enjoy.










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