Spring Term 2017

March - Easter Story
This week we have been learning about the Easter story in great detail. We discussed our own opinions about Christian’s beliefs, showing respect to each other throughout our learning. Our acting skills were put to good use as we acted out play scripts based on events from the Easter story. It was lovely to see the children challenge their learning and ask lots of questions.

February - Literacy
Such focus and concentration from everyone in Kestrel Class. A group of children worked together to add higher level punctuation to their work. It was lovely to see the children help each other with ideas to improve their writing and also say some really positive to each other about what they have done well.

February - Time
This week in maths we have really stretched ourselves by learning how to show time using: analogue clocks, 24 hour clocks and 12 hour clocks. We made our own game of snap, matching times and worked well as a team to support each other. We realised quite quickly that communication was a key factor in ensuring that the game worked without repetition of times!

January - Music
During music the children demonstrated their growing knowledge of reading music. They used the glockenspiels to learn to play ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot.’ The pentatonic scales was just one example of the new vocabulary the children have used this half term.

This video clip is a great example of the work that the children are beginning to produce. You can see the confidence that has been gained too.

Please click this link to watch 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' 

January - Mosque Visit
Both Year 4 classes went to a Mosque, just off Mill Road, to further their learning about ‘The Golden Age of Islam.’ There they learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam, the two Eid’s that Muslims celebrate and experienced how Muslims pray. It really brought their learning to life and as you can see from the work below, thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.

January - Literacy
What a fantastic start to our topic ‘The Golden Age Of Islam.’ The children have been reading the story of ‘The Fisherman and the Bottle.’ They were then able to take on the role of a character and have a go at hotseating. We saw some great vocabulary included in responses to each question.

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