Welcome to Year 5

Giraffe Class
(Miss S Halliwell - 5.1)
Zebra Class
(Miss Barnes- 5.2)

Summer Term 2018
This half term Year 5 will be travelling back to another ancient civilisation – this time, the Egyptians! We should be experts in this period of history due to our recent Egyptian day last term for Activities Week. We will be visiting Egypt to discover the history that the country has to offer. We will learn about the River Nile, exploring its importance to those living in Egypt 3000 years ago. Our Art lessons will focus on mummies. We will make one using clay! In other areas of the Curriculum, we are going to be focussing on Cricket and Athletics in PE. This half term also features swimming, using Queen Edith pool.


Please do download our Information Booklet to find out more about the routines and expectations in Year 5. You may also wish to take a look at the Y5 Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please do talk to us if you would like more information.

Summer B: Anceint Egypt

Later Years E-Safety Parent Guide

Following our successful E-Safety session with ‘the 2 Johns’ and Safer Internet Day (14.2.17), we have written a guide for parents who are unsure about apps and the internet. Please do read through this with your children. Please click here to see the guide.

Follow the links below to see some of the exciting things we have been learning this year!

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