Summer Term 2017

June - Purple Mash
From September, both schools at the Federation will be learning to use a new Learning Platform called Purple Mash. On the Home page of each school’s webpage, you will notice a link to the Purple Mash site. Children will be provided with login details. 

Teachers and children alike have been investigating the different activities available on the site this week. Year 5 had a go at coding and writing emails, as if they were Howard Carter! We look forward to exploring more Purple Mash in the new school year.

June - Quad Athletics
A group of ten children ventured to the Wilberforce Athletics ground to join other schools in a soggy afternoon of sport. Despite the rain, the children ran, jumped and threw their very best. A fun afternoon!

June - Active Science
Miss Fisher has left us but her love for Science has not! She kindly organised for Cambridge United and Astra Zenica’s team to come and spend time with the children, talking Science and PE! Today we challenged our heart to a work out. Five more sessions to go!

June - It's Good To Talk!
Researchers, Fiona Maine and Rikkia Hoffman visited this week to ask the children whether they knew how to talk!  Of course Year 5 do!  But did they know how to talk so that everyone was listening?  The children examined a picture and a video before creating posters as to what a good discussion looks like, and what skills someone needs to ensure they can join in.  The animation was really emotive – lots of people had differing opinions, but everyone had a chance to be heard!  Well done Year 5!  If you would like to watch again, the video can be found here -

June - Capacity and Volume
In Maths we have been getting practical! Hands on activities are the best way to understand the idea of capacity and volume. We have read scales, made estimations and used multi-link to create different volumes. Great fun!

May - Science: Materials
In Science we have been talking about reversible and irreversible changes. We experimented with water at different temperatures, and how many sugars would be dissolved. We predicted that hot water would hold the most water-sugar solution!

May - Animal Masks
We have had great fun sketching animals from Africa, before creating a 3D paper mache mask based on an African Animal.  Can you guess who is hiding behind each animal face?

April - Biomes
As we look at the geographical aspect to our new topic, ‘Arriving in Africa’, we have learnt what a biome is. We created these posters to give key facts about the different biomes found in Africa.

April - Arriving in Africa
We have kicked off our new topic by imagining what it would be like to visit the beautiful landscape of Kenya. We created sunset collages using different paper types to create a setting sun effect. The silhouettes are the animals we might come across, while travelling on safari.

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