Spring Term 2017

March – Biscuit Sale
After a successful ‘Mini Enterprise’ we sold our biscuits.  We raised £25.40 for our school charity!

March – Mini Enterprise
This half term our topic has been ‘Mini Enterprise’. We began by researching biscuit brands that we see in our shops. We sampled biscuits (which was great fun) and fed back our favourites and least favourites. This then inspired our own biscuit design in teams.
When designing, we thought about packaging, appearance and taste. Many people thought Jaffa Cakes were the best biscuit in Giraffe Class, so subsequently there are several orange and citrus flavours added to shortbread batter.
Having designed and made our biscuits, we wrote persuasive adverts for TV. We had a whale of a time recreating these using a program called PhotoStory.
Finally, we wrote letters to TESCO, explaining why recycling is important and why the packaging from the new biscuits is good for the environment.

February – Build It, Draw It, Write It, Say It
We have been focussing on perimeter and shape this half term (in addition to fractions, co-ordinates, percentages, decimals and more!). We looked at what a composite rectilinear shape was. We used multi-link cubes to help build our ideas.
For those who don’t know, a composite (more than one) rectilinear (straight sides, right angles) shape is a shape made from more than one shape with right angles. Stairs are a good example as they are made from rectangles attached to one another.

January – How Do Plants Reproduce?
In our Science lessons, Year 5 are looking at plants, animals and ourselves this term. We have examined the parts of a plant by dissecting and labelling the key parts. We have had some interesting discussions including whether a plant needs petals (yes – to attract bees and other insects) and whether anthers are vital (yes – this is where the pollen, from the male parts of the plant, is developed). We look forward to answering other similar questions later on!

January – Climbing All The Way To The Top!
Our topic this half term is, ‘Climbing Mountains’, as part of this topic we have investigated the different ways in which a mountain is formed. We have learnt about tectonic plates and the cause and effect they can have on our everyday landscape. 

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