Spring Term 2018

January - Under The Sea
We loved having an ocean expert come to visit on Tuesday 23rd January as part of our ‘Under the Sea’ day! We learned about the zones of the ocean and made an ocean in a bottle using blue colouring, syrup, water and oil. Making our own snorkel masks out of paper was fun. We were also very excited to have Roi’s mum come in to tell us all about coral and snorkelling in the Red Sea. In Science, we have been finding out about the different animal groups and we now know lots of facts about fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

January - Buddy Reading
Children in Year 1 love buddy reading with their Year 5 buddies. They wrote reasons why:

"I love buddy reading because…

It’s so fun!

I like sharing books with my buddy. 

My buddy helps me.

My buddy is kind!

I look forward to seeing my buddy."



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