Spring Term 2017

March - Science Day
Science day was a fantastic experience! We learnt everything from the body including energy, DNA, and human cells, to plant varieties. Chemical reactions with soda and mentos, to physics with marshmallows!  Fire-breathing robots, to microscopic work...we saw so much! We could not have done it without the help of some generous parents who spent their time, experience and day with classrooms of curious children and teachers. There is not enough thanks for the experience you provided for us all, but let's try...thank you. 

February - Camouflage
This week we have looked at some amazing camouflage in year 1. We discussed why it is important, and then had a go at disguising ourselves as different animals...take a look!

February - Weighing Objects
We have had a lot of fun the first week back weighing objects and finding equal mass. We made our own scales and used blocks as non-standard units to balance. We then recorded our results! What fun!

January - Phonics
We are focused on our phonics!

January - Maps
We used maps to locate a few popular castles in the UK.  Well done!

January - Size Of Objects
We used computers to solidify our learning about half and whole objects!

January - Time
In week 2 we looked at time, to the hour and half hour. We made clocks and displayed our knowledge in lots of different ways!

January - Tennis
For PE, we in year one have been fortunate enough to have a tennis coach come in to give us a few pointers and tips. We have enjoyed all the activities so far and look forward to additional fun in the upcoming weeks!

January - Making A Castle
We have used the cereal boxes we brought in to begin making a castle design. We have concentrated on the pattern of the blocks and how that is important for the castles strength.

January - Making Clay Castles
We constructed clay castles and added details such as battlements and arrow slits! 

January - Knights
As a group we thought about what a knight does, and wrote ideas together. We then presented our thoughts to the class!

Becoming a knight takes practise!

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