Summer Term 2017

June - Botanic Gardens
Year 3 had an exciting trip to the Botanic Gardens. We were lucky enough to be able to visit the 'Death Flower' which rarely blooms. We visited the glasshouses to see the cacti, drew some flowers in the scented garden and measured tree trunks to find out how old they were.
May - Pirate Day
We had lots of fun towards the end of our topic as we spent a whole day as pirates! We all wore some fantastic costumes and had lots of fun taking part in a treasure hunt and pirate crafts. Macaw Class were also very proud to share their class assembly to the school and parents which was all about pirates.
May - Ancient Greek Computer Games
We were very excited when we got an invite to play some of the computer games that Year 5 had designed for us. We really enjoyed playing all their games and were very impressed by all the work they had put into creating them.
May - 3D Shape Sorting
We have been sorting 3D shapes on a Carroll Diagram in pairs. We picked different headings and then sorted a selection of 3D shapes accordingly.
May - Treasure Maps
We used teabags to colour our pieces of paper which had a grid on them. After they had dried we then drew an island where treasure was hidden along with dangers such as quicksand, jungles and monsters. We added letters and numbers to allow us to use coordinates to describe where different things were on our map.
May - Maths Investigations
In partners we've been working hard to solve different number investigations and problems. We had to use lots of trial and improvement to find solutions. We were even given one task to complete which we discovered was impossible. We had to use our best mathematical reasoning to explain why a solution could not be found.
April - Treasure Island
We have been learning the story Treasure Island. As part of this we acted out a scene using a play script. We had to use expression in our voices and follow the stage directions carefully. It was lots of fun! 


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