Autumn Term 2017

November - Map Skills
In Year 3 we have been looking at where India is on a world map and locating nearby countries. Our map skills are improving!
October - Bones
In Science we are discovering the bones in the human body in our new topic Amazing Animals. We had a go at fitting a skeleton together from scratch and carefully painting the bones onto a silhouette to help us learn where they are in the body. We look forward to learning more about our bones!
October - Cave Paintings
This week we have been creating our own cave paintings. We researched how outlines of animals and humans were drawn in the Stone Age and used our hands to create our own versions under our tables! We had Fossil Morning which was incredible fun. We made our own salt dough ammonites, hunted for fossils in a sand pit and excavated them, made Plaster of Paris shell and animal moulds and amber fossil. A messy and fascinating day! 


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