Summer Term 2018

June - Botanic Gardens
Toucan and Macaw classes had a fantastic time visiting the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge. During the day they took part in tree rubbing and measuring, an observational walk, exploring all the different smells in the scented garden and drawing cacti in the greenhouses. They even found some carnivorous pitcher plants! They especially enjoyed the cool shade of the enormous trees and finding lots of pine cones. Many thanks to all the adults who came and helped on the trip! We recommend you explore this local attraction with your families, as it was a beautiful day and well worth a visit.

May - Light and Dark
This term in Science we have been investigating light and dark. We drew round our shadows in the morning with chalk on the playground and later in the day drew round our shadows in the same position . It was fascinating to discuss why our shadows had moved!


May - Pirate Ships
We have had tremendous fun making our pirate ships, in particular using a saw to cut our doweling for our fixed winding mechanisms to pull up our anchors.



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