Autumn Term 2017

December - Local Artist
We have been visited by a local artist for two afternoons this half term. With her help we created art work based around triangles, which we turned into an instant display in the corridor outside our classroom. We think it looks fantastic!

December - Drama
This half term we have been looking at play scripts. In small groups we read through different scripts and looked for the key features. We then worked together in small groups to act them out. We thought carefully about how to follow the stage directions. It was lots of fun performing them to the rest of the class.

November - Geography
We started our topic on South America by using the atlases to locate the different countries within the continent and their capital cities. We also looked for key features such as rivers, rainforest and mountains. When we added things to the map we made sure that we drew a neat key alongside it.
October - Be Bright Be Seen
When the children were not outside taking part in Bikeability they were working on a Dragon's Den style project. The children had been given the task of designing and creating a high visibility item that would appeal to children to keep them safe when travelling to and from school in the dark. As part of the project the children had to conduct market research, design and then make a prototype, decide how much the item would cost to manufacture and the profit they could make when selling the item. Finally they had to present all this to the Dragons. The children worked really hard as teams and created some really fantastic items and presentations.
October - Bikeability
Lots of the children in Year 6 had the chance to participate in Bikeability. The aim of this course is to give children the skills and confidence needed to cycle on the roads safely. The first day was spent on the school playground learning how to check that a bike is roadworthy and playing games to ensure the children had control of a bike. Over the next three days the children spent time on the roads to learn how to make careful observations, understand road priorities, communicate with other roads users and effective road positioning. All the children had lots of fun while taking part.
October - History
During our topic lesson we read historical sources about Operation Barbarossa. In groups we had to use this information to decide if this had been a great victory or a great defeat for Germany. We then presented our opinions to the rest of the class.
October - Music
During our music lessons we have been learning about swing and big band music. We listened to examples of this genre of music and discussed how it made us feel. We also watched some bands performing the music to see how they made it more entertaining. We have started to try and play a walking bass line along to some swing music.
September - Light
In our science lessons this half term we are learning about light. During one lesson we learnt about the incident and reflection rays, and how the angles of incidence and reflection are always the same. Working in groups we used a mirror, torch, protractor and paper to try and prove this. We also tried to use what we had learnt about light and reflection to make some periscopes.
September - Hockey
We've been having lots of fun playing hockey in our PE lessons. We've practiced how to hold the stick correctly, pass and dribble with accuracy, as well as tackle another player. In teams we have then worked together to apply these skills to game situations.

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