Summer Term 2018

June - Grafham Water
We had an amazing few days at Grafham taking part in lots of water sports and land based activities. The children really challenged themselves and worked together well. Take a look at some of the photos to see what we got up to.
June - Homework Project
Year 6 were set the homework task of creating something that would explain to younger children what volcanoes and earthquakes are, and how they work. We were really impressed with all the creative ways the children were able to share what they had learnt.
June - First Aid
Year 6 were lucky enough to have a whole day of first aid training. We learnt how to put someone into the recovery position, administer CPR and apply a bandage or sling to a wounded arm. We were also shown how a defibrillator works.

May - Royal Wedding Celebration
We had lots of fun celebrating the royal wedding. In groups we were challenged to create our vision of a wedding scene using plasticine and other craft materials. It had to include Harry, Meghan, The Queen, a bishop and a wedding fanatic, but the rest was up to us. There was some really great teamwork. Can you spot the who's who in our wedding scenes?

April - BMX Workshops
We had a great day with BMX cyclist Mike Mullen. He showed us some of his amazing stunts and talked us through the journey he took to become a professional. We learnt lots about 'flearning' and how this might us help in our schools lives. We also got to apply it when riding BMX bikes and trying out some stunts. There were lots of brave Year 6 pupils who mastered some very impressive moves.

April - Science Board Games
In science we have been learning about different systems in the human body. We used what we had learnt to design and create board games. The board game had to contain questions about the human body.





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