PSFA Committee

Sarah Strachan
Vice chair
Zoe Cundy
Andrea Byford
Rebecca Anderson

Panther Class Rep
Kate Woodford (mum to Johnny in Panther class)
Jaguar Class rep
Alice Robertson (Mum to Milly in Jaguar class)
Giraffe Class rep
Mirella Teague (mum to Isabella in Giraffe class and Charlotte in Dolphin Class)
Zebra Class rep
Lynda Jeannot (mum to Amelie in Zebra class and Manon in Penguin class)
Falcon Class rep
Bridget Herdman (mum to Ellen in Falcon class)
Kestrel Class rep
Rebecca Benton (Mum to Freddie in Jaguar class and Evie in Kestrel class)
Macaw Class rep
Zoe Cundy (mum to Poppy in Macaw class)
Toucan Class rep
Position vacant
Polar Bear Class rep
Sue Kealey-Schon (mum to Max in Polar Bear class and Luca in Penguin class)
Penguin Class rep
Sheena McCallum (mum to Ethan in Giraffe class and Imogen in Penguin class)
Dolphin Class rep
Laura Morley (mum to Iris in Dolphin class)
Seahorse Class rep
Position vacant
Hedgehog Class rep
Position vacant
Owl Class rep
Marta Fernández Suárez (mum to Oliver in Owl Class)
Nursery Classes Rep
Rebecca Anderson (mum to David in Panther class, Phoebe in Macaw class and Mary in Foxes class)

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